Kris Kreach, the 26-year-old son of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman actress Jane Seymour, 70, just got married. He and his bride Miso recently tied the knot in California.

Jane Seymour wore special dress at her son's wedding

Jane Seymour provided her beautiful garden in Malibu as the location for the wedding ceremony. At the home, Kris and his wife Miso were married in a lovely ceremony under palm trees.

Since the bride has Korean roots, the families decided on something special: the women wore hanboks at the wedding. Seymour also joined in on the Korean tradition.

Jane Seymour's wedding dress was a gift

In an interview with Hello!, Seymour explained the special meaning of her outfit: "Miso's family presented me with the traditional dress with special clog-style shoes and socks and the norigae, a carved hanging piece, which is worn with it."

The colours of the dress are also elegant: while the top is powder blue, the lower part is a delicate rose. With this outfit it became clear: the former Dr. Quinn actress still looks great today.

Jane Seymour's daughter-in-law was overjoyed

Miso was delighted with the extravagant look of her famous mother-in-law. She said she hadn't worn traditional Korean clothing since her youth, but the special moment at the wedding reminded her "how beautiful the tradition and clothing are."

The bride herself, however, wore a classic wedding dress from the Korean label Marshall Bride. The men, including the groom Kris, all worse sharp black suits.

Seymour summed up the happy day: "It was so moving to see them exchange their vows, especially with the influence of both their cultures and in the presence of family that had travelled from Korea and London, some for the first time ever."