Jane Seymour and her Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman co-stars have come together to celebrate a special day! 23 years after the series ended, they reunited in honour of actor Joe Lando's 60th birthday, and Seymour shared photos from the event on social media.

Seymour lifted up by Dr. Quinn co-stars in sweet photo

Seymour posted two beautiful pictures on Instagram showing the reunion with her co-stars. She can be seen with Lando, who played "Byron Sully" on the show, as well as William Shockley and Jason Adams, who portrayed "Hank Lawson" and "George Armstrong Custer". In one picture, her male colleagues are even holding her up! 

The actress has already shared how it is behind the scenes of Dr. Quinn, and certainly seemed to be very happy about getting to reunite with her former castmates two decades later. "Even after all these years, they still carry me!" she captioned the photos. "My heart is full after spending time with these incredible people."


The Dr. Quinn stars still appear to have a very strong connection, and fans are sure happy to see the cast of the '90s drama reunited! Several of them left supportive comments on Seymour's post, even using the hashtag #bringbackdrquinn to express their ongoing love for the show. Since the star mentioned a reboot was in the works back in 2019, maybe the cast will be reunited to reprise their roles once more!

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