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Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

The story begins in 1897 and centers on a doctor from Boston, Massachusetts. "Michaela 'Dr. Mike' Quinn' played by beautiful actress Jane Seymour. After the death of her father, she decides to work in Colorado Springs and open her own practice. 

One of the most loved shows

While trying to get used to big differences between Boston and Colorado Springs, she befriends "Byron Sully" (Byron Sully), a friend of the Native Americans, and "Charlotte Cooper," a matron and guesthouse owner (Diane Ladd).

After "Charlotte" was bitten by a snake, she asks Michaela on her deathbed to take care of her three children, "Matthew, Colleen, and Brian." By the end of the case, she decides to settle in the town and adjusts to her new life as a mother and as a doctor in that area.

The series was well known for the cast of actors, actresses and for its good scripts. In many cases, se took real aspects of the history of the area where the action occurred to develop a chapter, transferring the facts to a small town full of prejudices and problems. Innumerable plots can be applied to modern time, some of them quite controversial, such as the episode that focused on the visit of Walt Whitman and how the town and its inhabitants responded to the news of his homosexuality. Religion also played an important role in the plot of many episodes. 

A well-received romance

The romance between "Michaela and Sully" was well received by the audience and can be related to the good chemistry of the two actors, Jane Seymour, and Joe Lando. In season three, the characters tie the knot in a two-hour special episode that garnered huge ratings and was heavily publicized in the weeks leading up to it. In the fourth season, Jane Seymour's pregnancy was integrated into the plot as the pregnancy of her character, from which Michaela and Sully's daughter, Katie, would be born, achieving another episode of great audience results.