• Jennifer Tilly plays the iconic "Tiffany Valentine" in the Chucky series
  • Tilly first appeared in the slasher flick Bride of Chucky in 1998
  • Tilly has made a series with "Chucky" and it's been renewed for season 2!

Jennifer Tilly is excited to share with us she's coming back with the haunted doll! The actress posted to her Instagram that she's coming back!

Jennifer Tilly is back for more thrills

The scream queen confirmed that she will be back for more blood-thirsty drama in season 2 of Chucky

CHUCKY'S BABY Seed of Chucky USA 2004 

The series was a huge success, in part due to the fact that they chose a long-standing streaming platform and hit the right audience of slasher fanatics that relish in the vintage feel of the series. 

"Chucky" was first seen in the 1988 film Child's Play, but Tilly was first seen in the 1998 third installment Bride of Chucky

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The series follows more of an origin story of who "Chucky" is, both Tilly and the director of the series, Don Mancini, got to explore a side of the pop-culture icon that wasn't previously told. 

The show has rave reviews, and horror lovers are saying that this rendition of the popular story is the best one yet, scoring a Rotten Tomatoes score of 91%! 

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