• Jim Gaffigan is a famous actor and comedian
  • He has starred in many films and series
  • Learn more about his best roles in the video above

Hilarious Jim Gaffigan is one of the most well-known and successful comedians in the entire world. His stand-up specials are some of the most popular on every streaming platform and famously is one of the few family-friendly "clean" performers left in comedy. 

But did you know he is also a highly successful actor? 

Jim Gaffigan's Best Roles

Jason Clarke and Jim Gaffigan in 'Chappaquiddick'.

You may recognize him from his many stan-up specials like King BabyMr. Universe or The Pale Tourist but he also has been a part of countless major Hollywood productions! 

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From guest starring on hit shows like Law & Order to starring alongside award-winning actors, Jim manages to steal the show with his talent. We broke down some of our favorite Jim Gaffigan roles that you don't want to miss! check out our picks in the video above!