John Krasinski has brought back his popular web show Some Good News with a festive special! As Entertainment Tonight shares, Krasinski surprised fans when the new video was posted to the show's YouTube channel on Sunday, especially since he returned as host!

Krasinski gets some big-name stars to help him out

Krasinski once again appeared to host Some Good News, sharing fan art of himself at the beginning of the video— including a drawing that led him to joke about people wanting Justin Timberlake to host the show in his place! "I'll do it," Timberlake offered, as the camera cut to the "Cry Me a River" singer.

Timberlake wasn't the only celebrity to make an appearance in Krasinski's new video! George Clooney popped up to do the show's recurring "pretty good" weather report, taking a look at the sky from outside. And later in the episode, Dwayne Johnson— also known as "The Rock"— helped Krasinski play Santa for a father in need!

John Krasinski at the the 25th annual SAG Awards in Los Angeles, California, 2019

Krasinski calls on "Dwanta Claus" for a holiday surprise

Krasinski told viewers that he'd been trying to help out a single father named Jay Abel. As he explained, Abel had taken to eBay in the hopes of being able to afford Christmas presents for his two kids by selling some comic book memorabilia. But while Krasinski himself had attempted to buy the items, Abel didn't think he was the real deal, preventing the purchase from going through!

That's why the Some Good News host enlisted "The Rock" to help him out. "I want you to take all of your stuff off of eBay because Dwanta Claus is going to take care of all of that stuff, man!" Johnson told Abel. The former wrestler also made an incredible offer to the father of two, saying that he would fly him out to Southern California post-pandemic! 

Krasinski and Johnson's generosity didn't end there, as they also revealed that they had donated $5 million to Toys for Tots. "You represent so many parents around the world who are going through the struggle this Christmas," Johnson explained. "That is why my good buddy, John, and I called some of our elf friends to see if they're able to help some other families all around the world."

Krasinski's web show has been picked up for television

Krasinski started Some Good News back in March, during the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. With weekly episodes on YouTube, the show highlighted good things going on in the world, and saw Krasinski give back to people with the help of celebrity guests. In one episode, the cast of The Office even came together for a fan's virtual wedding!

Some Good News quickly became a viral phenomenon, and in May— just days after Krasinski had concluded the show in an emotional final video— it was announced that it had been picked up by ViacomCBS! While Krasinski won't be hosting the televised version of the show, there's always the possibility that he could pop up again and share another Some Good News special online!