Brad Pitt had a look outside at the weather, and he thinks that it's pretty decent! While most of Sunday's episode of the feel-good web show hosted by John Krasinski that's become a viral phenomenon had Krasinski recap the virtual prom he held on Friday, there were a few surprise cameos. 

First, the International Space Station delivered a personalized message to Krasinski! After that happened, he turned back to the camera to announce the next segment. "I'm going to need a second to catch my breath. We should do a check on the weather," Krasinski said to his viewers as the show was halfway through. "Brad, how's it looking out there?"

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Brad Pitt delivers comically calm weather report from home

"Brad" turned out to be none other than Hollywood A-lister Brad Pitt, much to viewers' surprise! The reveal came as the video cut from Krasinski to a balcony with palm trees, where Pitt suddenly appeared to give his verdict on the forecast. "Looks, ahh, pretty good, yeah," Pitt commented after briefly looking up at the sky before the camera cut back to Krasinski.

As Entertainment Tonight mentions, Pitt's appearance on Krasinski's show wasn't his first stint as a weatherman... however, it was his most lighthearted one! That's because he'd also made appearances on The Jim Jeffries Show a few times, where he became known for sharing pessimistic weather forecasts.

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Watch Brad Pitt check in on the weather in this week's episode of Some Good News!

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