• Josh O'Connor opens up in new interview
  • He reveals he felt "spiritually lost"
  • After his work in 'The Crown'

Josh O'Connor, the once under-the-radar actor turned global sensation, spills the royal beans on life after 'The Crown'! Known for his Emmy-winning role as young King Charles III, O'Connor has been riding the fame wave, but it hasn't all been smooth sailing.

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In a tell-all with 'Entertainment Weekly,' our beloved country bumpkin turned royal icon gets real about his struggle. "I felt spiritually lost," O'Connor admits, revealing the clash between his nature-loving roots and the concrete jungle of New York. Post-pandemic fame hit him like a double-decker bus, leaving him to navigate a world where private strolls turned into public spectacles.

Digging deep: O'Connor's indie comeback in 'La Chimera'

But fear not, indie fans! O'Connor is back with 'La Chimera,' directed by Alice Rohrwacher. He plays Arthur, an English scholar with a knack for sniffing out ancient treasures. This time, it's not just about the crown jewels, but Etruscan relics that spark a moral quandary over the plundering of history.

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O'Connor's candid chat with 'GQ' last year echoes the same sentiment: "It was a f***ed-up time." The loss of anonymity hit hard, and while success is sweet, it comes with a bitter aftertaste. Despite the Emmy on his mantle, O'Connor yearns for the days of low-budget labor of love.

Tangled in a love triangle: O'Connor's erotic escapade

Get ready to see O'Connor in a new light as he stars alongside Zendaya in Luca Guadagnino's 'Challengers.' It's a steamy story of love, tennis, and rivalry that's bound to serve up some drama!

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