Julianne Hough has shared a special video with the world that she originally intended to put out much sooner! As Entertainment Tonight reports, Hough released the music video for her song "Transform" on Sunday— a year after she dropped the track!

Hough didn't release video last year due to "tragic loss"

Hough took to Instagram to write a lengthy caption explaining why she felt that now was the time to finally share the "Transform" music video. "I wrote this song during a highly transformative time in my life," she revealed, "when I was delayering all my personal, social, and religious conditioning - finding compassion and empathy for ALL parts of me, not just the "good" parts."

"I was about to release this video, when the most tragic loss of my life abruptly occurred," she continued. "Time passed, and I felt I had missed my window to release this video.⁣" As Entertainment Tonight shares, the "tragic loss" Hough was referring to in her post was the sudden, unexpected deaths of her two dogs, Lexi and Harley, at this time last year.

Hough explains decision to release "Transform" video now

Hough went on to talk about why she chose to share her music video now. "Personally, this past year has been the most challenging period of my life," she shared. "Collectively, we are experiencing a global pandemic, extreme injustice, polarization, environmental devastation, and an economic downturn that has contributed to increasing anxiety, depression and fear amongst us."

"This year has not been easy for anyone and this song rings even more true today than a year ago when I wrote it," Hough said, explaining she hopes the video will show people they can "choose how we live in the world… through the "FEAR of change" or the "JOY of Transformation". As Entertainment Tonight mentions, Hough also shared a few videos on her Instagram story that saw her further talk about the timing of releasing her music video.

"Today is a really special day," she explained. "It is a day that I'm releasing something very special that I wanted to release a year ago and felt like I had missed my window or my opportunity because of some personal things that had happened in my life and you know what, when is the right opportunity? There's never a right time or anything, you've just gotta do what you've gotta do."

Hough and her husband still trying to "make things work"

Hough has also been facing challenges in her personal life after splitting from her husband, Brooks Laich, back in May. However, a source claims to Entertainment Tonight that the couple isn't over for good! "Julianne and Brooks both want to try to make things work," the source said. "Friends closest to them see this time as very positive." 

The powerful video for Hough's song sees her performing choreography in a nude leotard and underwear set along with an ensemble of dancers. It was directed by her brother, Derek Hough, who recently returned to Dancing with the Stars as a judge for season 29. Watch the music video for "Transform" here!

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