Ray Fisher is calling out the abuse he and his Justice League castmates faced from director Joss Whedon!

As Entertainment Tonight reports, Fisher— who plays "Victor Stone" aka "Cyborg" in the DC superhero team-up movie— took to Twitter to slam Whedon for the way he was treated during production.

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Fisher says Whedon's treatment was "completely unacceptable"

Fisher expressed his outrage for Whedon's actions towards him and the others who were part of the Justice League set in a strongly worded tweet.

"Joss Wheadon's [sic] on-set treatment of the cast and crew of Justice League was gross, abusive, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable," Fisher said. "He was enabled, in many ways by producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg. Accountability>Entertainment."

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Fisher says he'd like to "forcefully retract" his support of Whedon

Fisher had made another tweet a few days prior denouncing Whedon. Sharing a video from the 2017 San Diego Comic Con, where he had referred to Whedon as "a great guy," Fisher said that he no longer stands by those words.

"I'd like to take a moment to forcefully retract every bit of this statement," he tweeted. As Entertainment Tonight mentions, Justice League has long been plagued with problems since its original director, Zack Snyder, stepped down from the project in 2017 after a family tragedy. 

In May, discourse around Justice League reignited after HBO Max announced that they would be debuting the "Snyder cut" version of the movie— a long-rumoured cut that delivered Snyder's original vision for Justice League.

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Fisher thanks "those who believed" for releasing the "Snyder cut"

Fisher has shown his support for the "Snyder cut's" release on social media. "For those who fought. For those who believed. Thank you," he wrote in a tweet.

As Entertainment Tonight shares, another tweet saw Fisher expressing his gratitude for having been given the chance to be creatively involved in the movie. "I don't praise Chris Terrio and Zack Snyder for simply putting me in Justice League," he tweeted last month, referring to Justice League's co-writers.

"I praise them for EMPOWERING me (a black man with no film credits to his name) with a seat at the creative table and input on the framing of the Stones before there was even a script! #BORGLIFE"

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