• Dave Chappelle has come under fire for comments that some have said are "transphobic"
  • Chappelle has always denied these allegations and says he supports the LGTBQ+ community in every form
  • Kathy Griffin gives her opinion on the scandal

Kathy Griffin is revealing some deep secrets about not only her mental health but how she feels about the Dave Chappelle scandal. Griffin herself is no stranger to controversy, either. The famous comedian was "cancelled" back in 2017 after posting a photo of herself with a faux decapitated head of the President at the time, Donald Trump. 

Kathy Griffin calls Dave Chappelle a transphobe

In a shocking podcast Sway, hosted by The New York Times, Kathy Griffin reveals that after that famous Trump photo, she faced some incredibly hard times. Multiple theatres cancelled her shows and she was fired from CNN

Kathy Griffin Gives Her Two Cents On The Dave Chappelle Controversy!

"I tried to kill myself," she said in the interview. "And ended up in the psych ward."

She continued, "I think that I'm probably an addictive person, you know. But you have to admit, it’s almost comical. I went to the hospital for pill addiction at 59 years old."

She admitted that she was one of the "corny happy members" of her sobriety group and that it was a major relief to be able to find a place to heal. 

When she was asked about the Dave Chappelle controversy for his Netflix special Closer, Griffin had some choice words for the infamous comedian. 

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"I love Dave, and I think he’s a genius," she stated, before slamming the jokester. "I just think that he’s also transphobic." Yikes!

She elaborated and continued saying, "I think Dave is just a transphobic guy. I don’t think Dave is trans-bashing. I don’t think Dave is running around harming gays. I just think Dave is, like — once again, Dave’s like — look, he’s still just like a 51-year-old guy."

Chappelle and Griffin have toured multiple times together, and have a relationship outside of work, but that didn't stop Griffin from going on about her ex-coworker.

"I think sometimes we attribute — whether if someone’s of colour because they’ve had a struggle, and they’ve been an oppressed minority — I think that’s what hurts so many of my trans friends," she said.

"They're saying to me, 'How can this guy be a Black guy who's — you know, his heart beats for George Floyd, as it should, but when it comes to us, he doesn’t even — he doesn’t get it. Like, he just keeps making a joke," she continued. 

Griffin also mentioned that "believe it or not" the "cancer stuff" can be funny and shared that she will be touring again soon with lots of new material. Griffin was diagnosed with lung cancer last year and has had surgery to remove half of her lung. She's still in remission, and going strong. Go, Kathy!