One of the most-followed people on social media, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, recently shared with his fans a face injury he received during a workout. So what did his good pal, comedian Kevin Hart do? He posted his own workout injury video...

Kevin Hart's Dwayne Johnson Parody

Fans all over the world saw the San Andreas star, Dwayne Johnsons face injury on Instagram. He posted a video explaining that these types of things happen when you are really working hard. Apparently during an intense workout of throwing "around my 50 lbs chains for a drop set" ended in a serious face cut and stitches!

Luckily, fun and easygoing Dwayne showed fans that he was alright and unphased by licking some of his blood and making jokes about the taste, and returning back to the workout! 

Dwayne's' pal comedian Kevin Hart had his own response. The two have worked on many movies together like Central Intelligence and Jumanji and are frequently poking fun at each other. After Dwayne posted his gory video, Kevin decided to post his own video parodying Dwayne's injury!

Kevin put on a bit of fake blood and explained that he too hit himself in the face with 45lbs weights. Kevin even expressed a bit of fear that he had a concussion and began to pass out!

"The Rock" himself had to comment saying, "That almost fainted got me!!!" Other celebs like Brody Jenner, Snoh Aalegra, and Jamie Foxx all commented on the post with laughing emojis as well. 

Comedy fans will remember when Jack Black parodied Chris Hemsworth's intense workouts on Instagram. We can't wait to see whatever parody is next!

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