Mariska Hargitay recently made a lot of Law & Order fans happy by teasing the possibility of a couple they've been rooting for! While appearing on The Drew Barrymore Show last week, Hargitay talked about the relationship between her character "Olivia Benson" and Christopher Meloni's "Elliot Stabler," acknowledging the potential for their romance.

Hargitay reveals "Benson" is "in love with" "Stabler"

Hargitay mentioned that while "Stabler's" wife passed away, she believes Meloni's character has "got eyes for" his former partner. The actress then shared that despite the fact "Stabler" left "Benson" "in a lurch for 10 years," she sees the "energy" between the two, revealing the detective has "been in love with him for many a year."

The two stars made a formidable duo on Law & Order: SVU for several years before Meloni exited the show. In 2021, he received his own spinoff titled Law & Order: Organized Crime, which launched with a special SVU crossover. This was especially exciting for fans since Hargitay and Meloni shared the screen as "Benson" and "Stabler" again for the first time in years, and they later appeared together in a second crossover event!


While Hargitay did not confirm whether or not Law & Order will end up bringing "Benson" and "Stabler" together as a couple, she did comment on their characters' current dynamic! She said that they are "slowly finding our way back to it," but "Benson" is also allowing "Stabler" to grieve the loss of his wife. Looks like only time will tell whether or not this dream pairing becomes a reality!