• Matthew Davis is a famous actor
  • He is known for his starring role in the Legally Blonde films
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Matthew Davis was born on May 8th, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Everyone knows him as strikingly good-looking but shallow "Warner Huntington III" in the hit film Legally Blonde. He played the romantic interest of "Elle Woods", the very man she was attending Harvard Law School for. 

Legally Blonde's Matthew Davis' Rise To Fame

What has he been up to since his time on the 2001 comedy? He has been quite busy! The year after Legally Blonde was released he played Kate Bosworth's love interest in Blue Crush and in Pearl Harbor and Below. He had a few smaller film roles before he broke into television with spots on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, In Plain Sight, and Damages.

Matthew Davis and The Vampire Diaries Franchise

Then in 2009, Matt struck TV gold by landing a spot as hunky "Alaric Saltzman" in the smash hit show The Vampire Diaries. His story is incredible, starting as a teacher avenging the death of his wife and eventually crossing as both a vampire and a human. He returns in the successful spin-off The Originals and even stars in Legacies as his character "Alaric".

Legacies is an incredibly successful series following the supernatural new generation of werewolves, vampires, and witches! Davis is currently a main cast member of the show.

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In 2018 Davis married actress Kiley Casciano and in March the couple welcomed their first child, baby Ripley! Congratulations!

Matthew has reached great success and with success comes public scrutiny. He has been caught in a few online scandals with some less than politically correct statements he makes. He has lost fans due to allegedly transphobic and racist comments. Recently due to some of Matthew's offensive tweets about COVID-19 his Legacies co-stars Danielle Russell, Kaylee Bryant, and Jenny Boyd have unfollowed him on social media. 

He has since posted an apology and made his Twitter private. In the meantime, he continues to work on his hit series and has enjoyed time raising his brand new baby girl.