• Leonardo DiCaprio is in a new relationship
  • The star is famous for his 25-and-under dating history
  • He's now seeing Victoria Lamas, after Gigi Hadid rumours

By now, many people have caught on to a certain trend in Leonardo DiCaprio's relationships: He almost exclusively dates models who are in their early 20s. 

Often, DiCaprio has broken up with partners right around the age of 25, only to start over with a new model in her early 20s. He's now in his late 40s, too. 

With the trend, the actor has faced criticism and become the butt of award-show and late-night jokes. So: Is he changing his ways?

Leonardo DiCaprio is getting back in the dating game

The Titanic actor was recently in a years-long relationship with Camila Morrone, but they split in 2022 – when she was, you guessed it, 25. 

Since then, DiCaprio was briefly linked to model Gigi Hadid, who is 27. But there's apparently a new woman in his life...

Also interesting:

It's Victoria Lamas, according to the Daily Mail, which captured photos of them on a date.

Her age? 23. Her famous-sounding name is no coincidence either. Victoria is the daughter of actor Lorenzo Lamas and model Shauna Sand. 

Star Victoria Lamas

Victoria Lamas is also said to be an aspiring artist and actress. We'll see if her relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio lasts. Their age gap is 25 years.

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