• Are Leonardo DiCaprio, 48, and Victoria Lamas, 23, dating?
  • Victoria's father, actor Lorenzo Lamas, has spoken out
  • He says DiCaprio and his "very young" daughter are just friends

Lorenzo Lamas has spoken out on the rumour that his daughter Victoria, 23, is dating Leonardo DiCaprio. 

Reports of a new romance for DiCaprio, 48, began to swirl after he was recently photographed with Victoria Lamas, a model and aspiring actress.

Victoria Lamas and Leonardo DiCaprio? Lorenzo gets involved

But Victoria's father, soap opera legend Lorenzo Lamas, himself 64, says the two are "not dating."

He told the New York Post: "They're friends, they're not in a serious relationship. And I just want that to be clear."

Despite the firm rejection from dad Lorenzo, he did add that his daughter is "very smitten" with DiCaprio. But he tells her to "guard your heart" because she is "very young."

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DiCaprio and Lamas's rumoured relationship had made headlines due to an age gap of 25 years, and DiCaprio's history of only dating models in their early 20s.

But for now, the two are just friends. And that's confirmed by Lorenzo Lamas himself! We'll see if they ever make it official...

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