• Harry and Meghan told their story in their own Netflix series
  • The documentary, however, was handled by a director
  • Apparently, Meghan especially is unhappy with the "final edit"

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are currently the talk of the town with their Netflix documentary. They gave a private look into their lives and especially criticized the press.

But Meghan in particular is said to be unhappy with the final version of the documentary. She herself revealed in an interview with Variety at the end of October that her story was told somewhat differently than she and Harry would have wished...

"It's nice to be able to trust someone with our story [...] even if it means it may not be the way we would have told it," said the Duchess of Sussex.

Reaction: What a royal expert heard after Harry & Meghan

Journalist and royal expert Kinsey Schofield claims to have heard all about Meghan and Harry's feelings on the Netflix series.

She explains to Fox News: "While I agree that they feel like telling their side of the story was important, I have heard that Meghan was not thrilled with the final edit."

Also interesting:

For example, after the death of Harry's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, the couple reportedly wished to make changes to the documentary. Netflix did not grant that request.

The royal expert also criticizes the documentary for lacking depth. Schofield predicts that will also be the case with Harry's forthcoming book.

More of the same in Prince Harry's new memoir?

His memoir, which is called Spare, will be published in January. "Expect 'Spare,' like the reality show, to lack detail. Full of filler," Schofield says in her interview with Fox News.

She adds: "Most people are noticing that while Harry and Meghan like to talk ... the two seem to lack substance and detail."

Kinsey Schofield sees projects like the joint Netflix documentary, Meghan's Archetypes podcast, and Harry's book as a way for the couple to gain control of their story.

While all episodes of the documentary have already been released on Netflix, you can soon form your own opinion of Harry's memoir as well.

Spare will be released on Jan. 10, 2023...

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