Lucy Hale was once in the same room with Meghan Markle, which was an experience she'll never forget! During a Zoom chat with Entertainment Tonight this week, Hale revealed that she'd met Meghan years ago, when she was on the set of her first television pilot. And as it turns out, she vividly remembers the moment!

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Hale recalls thinking Markle was "so beautiful" during table read

Hale said that the encounter with the future Duchess of Sussex took place not long after her move to L.A. "I didn't realize this because none of my scenes were with her, but it was an ABC pilot. I had just moved to Los Angeles. I was like 16," Hale said to Entertainment Tonight's Katie Krause. "It was called Secrets of a Small Town, and she was in that pilot."

Even though they didn't share a scene, Hale still remembers her first impression of Meghan. "I remember at the table read I was like, 'Oh my god, she's so beautiful,' but I don't think I ever spoke to her," Hale said. "I've never met Prince Harry," she added. "Only in my dreams."

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Hale talks what to expect in season finale of her show Katy Keene 

Hale currently stars as the titular character in the CW drama series Katy Keene, and she also shared with Entertainment Tonight what fans can expect in Thursday's season finale. "There's a lot going on! We have a huge realization from Katy that she's still in love with someone, so she's chasing after that," Hale said. "She's also getting her revenge on Guy [Luke Cook] with a really spectacular show."

"Then, we have a potential dad that comes into play! We feel like we might meet who Katy's dad is, which is huge, because that's what a lot of the series has been about," she went on to say. "Oh! And I get to sing one of my favorite songs of all time. So, just a little bit of everything going on."

Hale shares her thoughts on potential second season of Katy Keene

Hale told Entertaiment Tonight that if Katy Keene were to get renewed for another season, there's a lot of possibilities for where the story could go from here. "Katy's got a few men in her life and she's got some options. But I guess where we end off the season, anything goes," Hale revealed. "We kinda leave it up to next season to see what happens."

"If or when we get a season 2, the show is just so fun. Like, we're all over the place," she went on to say. "We're singing. We're dancing. We've got romance. We've got drama. We've got fashion. So, we leave off a good spot for everyone in the show."

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Watch Lucy Hale talk about meeting Meghan Markle— as well as the Katy Keene season finale— in this exclusive Entertainment Tonight video!

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