Mariah Carey sure has something to sing about now that she's been vaccinated! On Sunday, Carey took to Instagram to post a video of herself getting her first dose of the COVID-19 shot, sharing her thoughts shortly before the needle goes in.

Carey says she's "excited and nervous" before getting vaccine

Carey can be seen wearing sunglasses, an all-black outfit, and plenty of bling. She also has a black face mask on and the sleeves of her t-shirt are rolled up, ready to go for her vaccine! "I'm excited and nervous a little bit about getting this shot," she says, also commenting on how recording her experience could be "distracting" for the nurses.

"I just talk and don't really think about it," she admits in the video. She also acknowledges the fact that the pandemic is ongoing, and she's "trying to encourage people to really be safe" during the world's current circumstances. "We're still in this battle together," she said. "So, anyway, I guess here we go!"

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Carey shares her excitement with a high-pitched note

Carey may have been a little anxious about the shot, but she also had a bit of fun with her video. As the needle goes in, she can be heard making a high-pitched noise— a humorous moment which she edited to play again! Afterwards when the nurse comments that there's no blood, she quips that she's "actually a vampire."

The star ends her video by encouraging people to get vaccinated when they're able to, reminding those watching that "we're all in this together." And in her caption for the post, Carey also made another joke, referencing her famous high note! "Vaccine side effect: G6," she wrote, including a music note emoji.