Matthew McConaughey is looking back over the 28 years he's been in Hollywood, and particularly the role that launched him into superstardom! 

The Oscar-winning actor is looking back at his audition tape and reminiscing over his iconic role in the cult classic film, Dazed and Confused! The coming-of-age story is a fan favourite, and McConaughey is reliving his iconic role.

Matthew McConaughey reacts to his Dazed and Confused audition!

The Dazed and Confused audition tapes are being revealed, and Matthew McConaughey is looking back at his first major role in Hollywood, that launched him into superstardom!

The actor was cast as the older friend that, despite being already graduated, shows up to all of the parties and hangout spots of the teens. 

McConaughey reacts to himself pretending to drive in the car beside his co-stars, and recited the iconic line about the highschool girls, "I keep getting older, but they stay the same age."

In response to the video, McConaughey laughs softly to himself and said, "Nice. Look at that."

Adding that he had never actually seen that footage before, he said that he was actually just auditioning because he was looking for a bit of fun over the summer. 

"You thought you might just have a little three-day job for a summer hobby," he said. "28 years later, I still got a little summer job that turned into a career."