Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey threw it back to their 2003 rom-com How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days through some social media humour! As Entertainment Tonight mentions, Hudson and McConaughey engaged in Instagram banter about their characters' relationship in the movie.

Hudson posts clip of her character with "love fern"

Hudson started things off by sharing a clip from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. In the clip, her character "Andie Anderson" storms away from McConaughey's character "Benjamin Barry" while holding her so-called "love fern". Hudson saw an opportunity to revisit the scene when she noticed a particular hashtag going around social media!

"Heard it was #TakeYourPlantForAWalkDay," she wrote. "So, clearly I thought of one of my favorite co-stars... #TheLoveFern." McConaughey saw Hudson's post and commented on it, as shared by Instagram account CommentsByCelebs. "Hate to see you leave, but love to watch you go," he replied. "#ThatDamnFern." 

Hudson and McConaughey joked about the movie earlier this year

Hudson's funny exchange with McConaughey wasn't the first time the two joked about the infamous fern! As Entertainment Tonight shares, it was once again the topic of social media banter back in February. This time, it was her co-star that started it up!

"that damn fern," McConaughey wrote, alongside a still of his and Hudson's characters from the movie. Hudson couldn't resist posting the photo to her own Instagram and adding a comment of her own. "That damn fern...? That damn fern?!?! YOU LET IT DIE!"

Hudson and McConaughey have also starred opposite one another in the 2008 rom-com Fool's Gold. Earlier this year, Hudson revealed that she nearly dated one of her other co-stars— late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon! Meanwhile, McConaughey has been involved in Joe Jonas' new travel show, along with Jonas' wife Sophie Turner and several other celebrities.

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