• A meme is a platform joke that is popular on the internet
  • Nicolas Cage is the face of many different memes
  • The actor doesn't understand it and talks about how he feels to be the brunt of a joke

Nicolas Cage is a meme-Lord, and he doesn't get why! The famous actor has some exquisite facial expressions that have circulated throughout various meme platforms throughout the years.

Nicolas Cage opens up about being a meme

One of the most popular things on the interest is the famous Nicolas Cage meme from a scene in his widely loved film Family Man. The meme in question is a shocked-looking Cage, but the actor himself has difficulty understanding why it's gained in popularity. 

Nicolas Cage, from the film The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, poses at the Variety Studio

"I still don’t really fully understand what the fascination is with my face or facial expressions that happen in these memes," he told GQ, the magazine he will grace the cover of this month! 

"I’m like, Well, but why? Just like, What is it?" he says. 

Cage, who has mystified audiences for being an actor that plays fantastic roles alongside major blockbuster flops, recently gained popularity again for being a meme when he hit the red carpet wearing a checkered shirt.

However, Cage was quick to note that he meant to "look like a can of shortbread", and the internet poked fun at the whole thing.  

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So where does Cage see himself in the future? Well, the famous actor says he's going to "be more selective" on what roles he takes on. It's no secret that the star had a wild ride for his mounting debts, and Cage worked tirelessly on movies to get the debts cleared. 

"I would like to make every movie as if it were my last," he said. 

Along with more movies in his future, Cage details his current wife, who is pregnant, as being the final choice for him. Riko Shibata marks Cages' fourth wife.

"I am a romantic, and when I’m in love, I want to give that person everything I can," he said to the outlet. "It’s my expression of saying, 'I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.' And this is it for me."