In her latest interview, Nicole Kidman is sharing that she and her husband Keith Urban have witnessed many challenges brought on by the novel Coronavirus.

While the pandemic has affected millions of families across the globe, Kidman and Urban share that they've seen those struggles first hand in their own social circle.

Nicole Kidman shares pandemic struggles

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Nicole Kidman is sharing the struggles she's seen at the hands of the pandemic, revealing that she and Keith Urban have witnessed their friends be greatly affected by such a devastating global time.

Kidman went on to share that she and Urban have remained safe and healthy throughout the lockdown, and have been "doing what they've been told" while they hunker down in their Nashville home.

"We’ve watched friends go to hell and back and have watched the world navigate this together, and I think we are all just going, 'Is this really happening?'" she said to the publication. 

While the two have been fortunate enough to remain cozy in their home, Urban did have to cancel his tour, and Kidman herself had to watch her husband's performances from her laptop.

She went on to say, "Keith and I have that conversation where we go, 'I can't even believe this has happened,'" she said. 

Urban has previously told a different publication in regards to writing new music that, "We'd been in lockdown since March. I was ready to get out and do things, I poured it into that song. I still have a little PTSD about lockdown," he said to Stellar magazine. 

Kidman is now in her home country of Australia filming Nine Perfect Strangers


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