• Lance Bass is a famous music star
  • He is part of the boy band NSYNC
  • Learn more about his handsome husband here

Lance Bass was born May 4th, 1979, in Laurel, Mississippi to a devout Christian and conservative family. When he was a junior in high school Justin Timberlake recruited him to join his group NSYNC after their previous member quit (he probably regrets that). Lance has always been a fan favorite of the group because of his goofy and beaming personality.

Even after his time recording and touring with the close group Lance was featured on film and TV quite a lot, on features like  Zoolander, I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry, Hairspray, and even placed 3rd on Dancing With The Stars Season 7!

Lance Bass And Husband Michael Turchin

Lance met artist and actor Michael Turchin at a mutual friend's birthday party and actually started their romance as friends! Both were too shy to admit their feelings for each other until after a month straight of spending every day together Lance made the first move and kissed Michael. 

Lance and Michael gush about each other all the time, Lance saying "Michael understands my crazy life and he fits perfectly into it. He's the support system that I need." And Turchin said of Bass "He's just such an incredible person. I couldn't imagine waking up next to anybody else." Aw!

Also Interesting:

Their 2015 wedding was even the first same-sex marriage to be televised! It's fair enough to say the pair have done a lot of good for the LGBTQ+ community. Their social media is filled with fun and silly posts together. 

The couple welcomed twins in October 2021! Baby boy Alexander and a little girl named Violet. We are so happy for the beautiful family!