• Drew Barrymore accidentally left her "sex list" at DeVitto's house
  • She once confessed she made an intimate list
  • The actress asked DeVito if he ever found it

In an age where privacy is as scarce as a low-carb option at a bakery, Drew Barrymore reminds us that some stories are too deliciously awkward to keep under wraps. During a lively discussion on her show, Barrymore dropped a bombshell that had the audience and her panel in stitches: a personal list of her past lovers was mistakenly left at Danny DeVito's house!

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Imagine the scene: a piece of paper, scribbled with the full names of Barrymore's past flames, tucked into a set of film notes, only to be forgotten at the legendary Danny DeVito's abode. Barrymore's candid confession came during a segment about millennial women's trend of keeping digital records of their romantic escapades. But Barrymore, ever the trailblazer, opted for the classic pen and paper method—only to lose it in a way that could only happen in Hollywood.

Danny DeVito: Keeper of secrets

The audience roared with laughter as Barrymore recounted how she had to admit to DeVito, the unsuspecting custodian of her list, about her misplaced memoir of romance. DeVito, with his characteristic wit, teased the possibility of including it in his autobiography but ultimately reassured Barrymore (and the relieved audience) that her secret was safe with him.

The revelation sparked a mix of shock and amusement among Barrymore's co-hosts. While some pondered the merits of such honesty, others, like Ross Matthews, declared, "Lists are for groceries," albeit with a cheeky interest in Barrymore's list. The consensus? Some things are better left unknown—unless you're Drew Barrymore, in which case, the world is eager to listen.

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