Paris Hilton is excited to engage with fans in an exciting new way! On Thursday, Hilton announced that she will be hosting a lifestyle podcast for iHeartRadio called This Is Paris, which will see her talking about all kinds of topics!

Hilton's podcast is split into two different formats

Hilton took to social media to share the news about her latest project with a short video. She wears a bright pink turtleneck sweater in the clip while she encourages people to check out the teaser trailer for This Is Paris, which can be found in her Twitter bio!

As People shares, the official release statement for Hilton's new podcast reveals that This Is Paris will be "a blend of both playful, emotional and authentic scripted, scheduled episodes as well as spontaneous, shorter 'social' audio episodes each week between segments."

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Hilton to use "Podposts" to further fan interaction

Hilton will talk about topics like "beauty, wellness, fashion, pop culture, travel, entrepreneurship, relationships and more" on This Is Paris as she interviews guests during weekly episodes! And as The New York Times mentions, she also plans to take the podcast format in an exciting new direction with shorter episodic segments, which she has dubbed "Podposts".

In between weekly episodes of her show, the singer and reality star will use these "Podposts" as a means of "interacting with fans, sharing beauty advice, offering motivational and lifestyle tips and answering voicemails." iHeartNetwork President Conal Byrne said he's "thrilled" to team up with Hilton for This Is Paris, which he described as "the next evolution of both social media and podcasting."

"Audio is a medium that has no boundaries, and I am excited to partner with iHeartMedia to bring my series and many others to such a diverse audience," Hilton shared in the official release statement. "They bring the creative platform and scale to help me further connect with millions of fans across the world."

The first full episode of This Is Paris premieres on February 22. And as People reports, the show is the first in a longstanding partnership between Hilton's London Audio and iHeartRadio, which will see seven more podcasts released over the next few years!