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Paula Abdul Shares Surprising Fact About Her Hit "Straight Up"

Paula Abdul Shares Surprising Fact About Her Hit "Straight Up"

During a new podcast interview, Paula Abdul revealed that her song "Straight Up" was recorded in a shower! Abdul reflected on the experience, sharing what led up to her finding herself in the unlikely space. Find out what she had to say!

Paula Abdul recently got candid about her chart-topping song "Straight Up"! The former American Idol judge appeared on the latest episode of People's podcast People in the '90s, where she opened up about how she ended up recording the hit that launched her career in the shower.

Abdul shares neighbours told her to "shut up" while recording

Abdul told the podcast's hosts that from the moment she had first heard "Straight Up," she "was obsessed with the song," which was written by Elliot Wolff. She explained that the two had been connected through her A&R rep, and she "couldn't wait to meet this guy." That's why she went to his apartment!

But while Abdul said she had "expected this R&B dude" because of the unique way Wolff's music sounded, she was completely surprised when she saw him in person! In reality, he was a "slight framed guy with red frizzy hair, Coke bottle glasses and he's walking in socks."

Paula Abdul attends the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party on February 09, 2020 in Beverly Hills, California

Wolff's appearance wasn't the only surprise in store for Abdul, as the songwriter offered up his shower as a place to record the Grammy-nominated song! "I recorded 'Straight Up' in his little shower," Abdul shared, "and in the early masters that were released, you could actually hear someone banging from the next apartment, going, 'Shut up!'"