Piers Morgan shared a lovely photo on Instagram which showed an algae-covered pond where three ducks were sitting in the sun! There is plenty of brush and trees behind the little pond and everything looks lovely and green.

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Piers Morgan Has Visitors In His Pond 

Morgan was quite taken with the little visitors as his captioned hinted: "Three years ago, I bought the field at the bottom of the garden down at my Sussex home and put a pond in at the bottom of it. ‘The ducks will come,’ I declared confidently, like the voice Kevin Costner heard in Field of Dreams," he wrote.

Piers Morgan: "It took a global pandemic ... but the ducks finally came"

Piers continued, "For quite a while, they didn’t. Today, my mum found this lot in the pond. It took a global pandemic ... but the ducks finally came." Piers posted the photo on Earth Day nonetheless which is an ode to the impact that life slowing down during a global pandemic is contributing to something good when it comes to the environment. 

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Piers Morgan is spending the lockdown in his London home with his wife Celia Walden, and their 8-year-old daughter Elise. Morgan continues to present Good Morning Britain four days a week instead of his usual three during these times.