The UN climate conference COP26 is currently taking place in Glasgow. Politicians and environmentalists are there to discuss climate protection policies.

The British royals are also there representing the UK. Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William, and Prince Harry are all known for their public stances on the urgency of climate change.

Prince Charles meets Leonardo DiCaprio at COP26: Photos

On the sidelines of the conference, Prince Charles visited an exhibition by Stella McCartney on the subject of sustainability in fashion.

While there, the British heir to the throne even met a pretty notable climate activist from Hollywood.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Prince Charles meet at COP26 in Glasgow.

Leonardo DiCaprio is in Glasgow campaigning to save the planet, and he appeared as a guest at the Stella McCartney event.

The world-famous men crossed paths and immersed themselves in a few conversations. Stella McCartney also joined the two at one point.

DiCaprio has long been one of the best-known environmentalists. He even used his 2016 Oscar win to draw attention to climate protection and global warming.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Prince Charles chat with Stella McCartney at COP26.

His Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which he founded at the young age of 24, has campaigned for climate protection since 1998.

Prince Charles, meanwhile, is a noted conservationist himself and has been busy at the COP26 summit. He even reportedly arranged a meeting for Jeff Bezos that led to a substantial donation from the Amazon billionaire.