Rebel Wilson kicked off the week by posting a workout video for her Instagram followers to see!

As People mentions, Wilson is currently on what she calls her "Year of Health" journey, determined to end 2020 in healthier physical shape. And in the video she shared, the actress crushes a popular fitness exercise!

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Wilson shows her strength with CrossFit tire flipping exercise video

Wilson's video shows her flipping a heavy tire over and over again, using all of her strength to do so. As People mentions, this particular workout is a popular CrossFit exercise! Wilson's trainer is out of frame, but can be heard cheering her on.

"Level 1,000 girl, yeah!" she exclaims when Wilson successfully completes the activity. "That's the way." The actress relishes in her victory, as she gives a triumphant roar and flexes her muscles.

"Starting the week off right! Look out @chrishemsworth & @liamhemsworth," she captioned her workout video. "Australia’s latest action hero is turning it up!" As People shares, Wilson also made a joke about being "sooo TIRE-ed" on her Instagram story.

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Wilson has been following Mayr Method diet plan, source reveals

Wilson's fitness transformation began after she paid a visit to the VivaMayr medical detox and wellness center in Austria last year with friend and television host Carly Steel. A source told People that when Wilson was there, she tried the Mayr Method diet plan, which led to "amazing results."

That's why Wilson has continued to follow the plan, which revolves around slow and mindful eating, and working out more often. "She exercises with a personal trainer up to six times a week, goes on walks and is trying to up her protein intake nutritionally," the source shared with People. "I know she's also been working on conquering her emotional eating patterns of behaviour."

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Wilson's "Year of Health" journey "about how it makes her feel"

Wilson's desire to become more physically fit isn't just about wanting to look a certain way! "Her healthy journey is more about how it makes her feel than the physical benefits," the source explained to People last month. 

"She has more energy and more confidence, which you can see from her sexier Instagram shots. She's also having fun with new fashion and beauty looks." And as it turns out, this isn't the only year that Wilson has had a specific goal in mind!

"Rebel has been creating personal goals each year for a while now," the source— who is a friend of Wilson— revealed. "2018 was the Year of Fun, and she went on amazing adventures and traveled a lot; 2019 was the Year of Love, and she went on fabulous dates; 2020 is the Year of Health. She has been very focused and dedicated."

Watch the video Rebel Wilson shared of herself crushing a CrossFit tire flipping workout here!

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