• Dorit Kemsley was robbed at gunpoint in her own home
  • The robbery took place while she was filming season 12
  • The cast of the RHOBH reacted to her traumatizing event

For those that might not remember, Dorit Kemsley faced the unimaginable in October when she was robbed in the comfort of her own home. The robbers, who were two masked men, held a gun to Kemsley's head and threatened to kill her. The reality star begged for her life and revealed that her two children were sound asleep in the next room, unaware of what was going on, and to spare her life so her children wouldn't live without a mother.

Dorit Kemsley bravely shares all on RHOBH 

Dorit Kemsley wasn't shy about continuing to film despite the traumatizing event that rocked her world. And while some of her co-stars were supportive, there was one that could have done better.

"I had had a very strange morning and day and I didn’t know a lot about what was going on, so I didn’t know the severity," Sutton Stracke said to UsWeekly.  

She added, "I didn’t really quite understand. And my mindset wasn’t there, so I was being insensitive."

Richards, who wasn't impressed with Stacke's pitiful response to a trivial problem at work, said that it "doesn't seem like a fire" after what the Kemsley family was going through. 

Also Interesting:

Stracke then clapped back and said that "sorry" she wasn't "held and gunpoint", and that everyone's problems are all "relative". Yikes.

The scene then cuts to a confessional where Richards exclaims, "What is wrong with you!" in regards to Strackes' response. "Are you that wrapped up with yourself that you are not grasping what just happened to our friend?"

Stracke did say to the news outlet that she  "feels really terrible about the whole thing", and that "feelings got hurt".

"I take things really seriously and always wanna be there for my friends when they need me. And I was not in this moment and I don’t feel good about it," she said. 

Season 12 will be airing tonight on Bravo! Watch the trailer here, you won't want to miss it!