Ryan Reynolds won't be seen on the big screen again for a while since he wants to spend some time closer to home! As The Hollywood Reporter shares, the star of hit films like Deadpool and Free Guy has shared he plans to step back from filmmaking for now so that he can be with his family.

Reynolds plans to be away from filmmaking until next fall

Reynolds spoke to The Hollywood Reporter during the WSJ Magazine Innovator Awards, where he was named entertainment and entrepreneurship innovator. The actor said he will be taking "a little sabbatical" from the entertainment industry now that his latest film has wrapped, expressing his desire to "create a little bit more space for my family and time with them."

He and his wife, actress Blake Lively, have three daughters together— James, Inez, and their newest arrival, Betty, whose name was revealed through a Taylor Swift song. When it comes to Reynolds' decision to be with them instead of on a film set, he explained that "you don’t really get that time back." As for how long fans can expect the actor's break to last, Reynolds mentioned that it will most likely go on "till the end of the summer."


Reynolds recently sold his liquor company Aviation Gin and teamed up with Mint Mobile for a hilarious advertising campaign. He also teamed up with Rob McElhenney to acquire football team Wrexham AFC. Since he mentioned continuing to work on "other things at my company" during his acting break, Reynolds will probably pop up on social media to promote these projects. And now that he'll be spending time at home with Lively, it's likely that we'll be seeing more hilarious Instagram posts from the two!