• Sam Faiers shares adorable photo of her and her children
  • Faiers shows off her huge baby bump in the new image
  • She also comments on the upcoming arrival of her third child

Sam Faiers has shared an adorable new photo with her two kids just as she's about to welcome a third! The former star of The Only Way Is Essex took to Instagram on Sunday with a new post that saw her give an update on her pregnancy journey, revealing where things are at.

Faiers says baby bump is "bigger, tighter & very heavy"

Faiers is in her third trimester of pregnancy, which is obvious from the huge bump she shows off in the black and white image she shared! The star smiles with an arm around her son Paul and daughter Rosie, who are on opposite sides of her exposed belly. She said that since her last update, there's "not many changes apart from its bigger, tighter & very heavy". 

She went on to mention that she's already in the process of getting ready to welcome her new little one by getting things such as the birthing pool and baby grows prepared. Faiers also took the time to share some introspective thoughts. The star mentioned that her baby-to-be has been on her mind quite a lot as her "world is about to change again for the third time," revealing the kind of things she's been wondering lately! 

Also interesting:

"who will you look like? Will you be a boy or girl? What will you be when you grow up," Faiers asks at the end of her post. Best known for The Only Way Is Essex, she also starred in The Mummy Diaries for several seasons before deciding to exit the show last year. Faiers isn't the only British reality star to be updating fans on her pregnancy with new family pics, as Jess Shears recently shared a sweet new selfie of her own growing family. Hopefully it won't be long until we get to meet her newest addition!