Normally staying out of politics, Selena Gomez is opening up about how this year is different for her and admits it will be the first U.S. election in which she'll be voting.

This year, Gomez says she's been more invested, and the star appeared on a YouTube show to talk all things politics! The singer is getting real about how she feels about the future of America.

Selena Gomez admits she voted for the first time

Typically staying out of politics, Selena Gomez says this year will be the first time that she's taking part in voting, and shares she's been a lot more invested in this particular election. 

Selena Gomez attends WE Day California.

The YouTube channel Voting Power Hour welcomed the pop singer to talk about all things politics, and Gomez was more than willing to give her two cents on the matter at hand.

"Honestly, I'm not ashamed to say this. But… I'm kind of… This was my first time," she said, referencing casting her ballot.

She then went on to share she truly felt it never really mattered, adding, "I'm going to say that, because I've never felt — and this is so true, and I'm now admitting it to people — like my vote counts."

"Every vote counts," she added. "Some people get in their head and they're like, 'Oh, well, what does it matter?'"

"My main focus has been this right now," she continued, "You can tell on my social media and everything, obviously, I'm super invested in this right now. It’s been good. I feel hopeful."

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