• Sharon Stone is opening up
  • The actress reveals her issues with mental health
  • She hopes to inspire others like her

Sharon Stone, the renowned actress and humanitarian, recently opened up about her personal battles with mental health and her commitment to advocating for marginalized communities. In a candid interview on 'Turkish Tea Talk with Alex Salmond,' Stone revealed her ongoing fight against her demons and how she uses her platform to make a difference in the world.

Here we'll look at Stone's emotional journey, her views on self-improvement, and her notable achievements outside of Hollywood.

Sharon's Heartfelt Confession: "We're All Acting Out"

Hollywood legend Sharon Stone, at 66, is no stranger to the limelight. Yet, it's not just her blockbuster movies that are capturing attention.

In a raw and revealing chat on 'Turkish Tea Talk with Alex Salmond,' Stone confessed to her mental health struggles, emphasizing the universal battle against inner demons. "We're all trying to confront our demons," she stated, pushing the narrative towards resilience and self-forgiveness.

Highlighting a staggering statistic, Stone pointed out that one in 10 people globally are experiencing a mental health crisis. However, the star firmly believes in the power of individual action over waiting for political saviors.

The star then shared that she believes people should be trying to fix themselves instead of relying on just political figures for policies that may help them.

"To try to say, it has to be our leaders, well, which leader do you think that’s going to be? It must start with the individual," Stone explained. "You must stand strong, and when you blow it? OK, so what? That was two steps ago."

She reiterated, "You have to get back up, get yourself together and help whoever you think you bumped around, and keep moving forward — and instant forgiveness. Instant forgiveness for yourself."

"It must start with the individual," Stone asserted, encouraging instant forgiveness and the strength to move forward, even after setbacks.

A touching memory

Stone's activism, particularly for HIV/AIDS and global peace, has been a pivotal part of her life. Recalling her recognition as a Nobel Laureate in 2013, Stone became visibly emotional, sharing her profound connection with fellow advocates.

"Suddenly, I was like, ‘I’m in the right goddamn room.’ These are my people," Stone said of how she felt when attending a panel about how to create global peace.

Becoming more emotional, she added amid tears, "I would stand in the street with these people. I would risk my lives for these people. These people get me, I get them," she said with tears streaming down her face.

Her dedication to these causes showcases a side of Stone that goes far beyond her Hollywood persona.

Despite her significant achievements, including winning a Nobel prize, Stone admitted to keeping her accolades under wraps within the Hollywood community. Her journey reflects a deep commitment to meaningful work, whether in front of the camera or on the global stage of activism.

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In a shocking revelation, Stone disclosed past pressures from the industry, including being told to sleep with a co-star to enhance on-screen chemistry. This confession sheds light on the darker aspects of Hollywood, highlighting Stone's resilience in navigating her career.

Now, Stone finds solace in painting, dedicating around 17 hours a day to her art. She expressed a desire to return to acting only for roles that are "really powerful and meaningful," signaling a new chapter in her illustrious career.