• Vicky Pattison is engaged to Ercan Ramadan
  • The star looked amazing at her engagement party
  • Pattison shared pictures of the decor and menu

Vicky Pattison is preparing to tie the knot with fiancé Ercan Ramadan, and she recently had the chance to celebrate this exciting moment in her life in style! The British star shared that she had an engagement party with loved ones— and not only did the food and decor look incredible, she turned heads with her gorgeous look!

Pattison delights in catching up with loved ones

Pattison showed up to her soiree on Saturday night in an eye-catching brown dress. Fitted perfectly to her figure, the dress provided a striking contrast to her flowing dark hair, and even allowed her to show off a little cleavage! Ramadan opted for a more casual outfit. "Since getting engaged my feet literally haven't touched the ground," Pattison wrote on Instagram, before going on to talk about what her "lovely" engagement party was like. 

There's no question that she and Ramadan have been busy as of late, appearing in photoshoots and on podcasts to discuss their wedding plans. They also went on holiday together to the Cotswolds along with their dog Milo! Pattison mentioned how she went to Branches Restaurant in Newcastle with her friends and family, and greatly enjoyed having the chance to catch up with them for the first time since Ramadan popped the question. 

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"We all just spent the night drinking, eating, laughing and swapping wedding planning stories and chatting about our growing families," Pattison revealed. The classy white decor of the restaurant was complimented by balloons in cream and metallic silver, adding a celebratory touch to things. She also shared a peek at the fancy food and drinks that were served. It's great to see she had such a wonderful evening celebrating her big day!