Taraji P. Henson has opened up about why she's decided to move forward with her life! As Entertainment Tonight shares, following a girls trip to Mexico back in September for her 50th birthday, the actress decided it was time to call it quits with her then-fiancé— and she's been a lot happier since!

Henson says she didn't want to "let 50 happen"

Henson shared that since ending her engagement to Kelvin Hayden, she feels more in control of her life. "I am much better, let's put it that way," she said to Entertainment Tonight's Kevin Frazier. The former couple had been engaged since May 2018, and struggled to make things work, but Henson explained what made her want to get things back on track!

"I felt myself slipping and so I was like, 'You know what I am not going to do is let 50 happen to me," she said. "I am going to get control of this mentally and not be like, 'You are getting old, don't nobody care, you ain't working,' Well, duh, no one is working, it is COVID. So I felt that coming."


Henson explains why she jumped at chance to host AMAs

Henson also mentioned another thing that's helped her get through her personal struggles! Not only has she changed her outlook on life, she said that she doesn't "have those low lows anymore" after talking to her trainer. "So anybody out there, that might be going through this darkness, literally, working out, it really works," Henson explained.

The actress is hosting the American Music Awards on Sunday, and she expressed her enthusiasm about the gig— as well as how it came about! "I got called to present at the Billboards," Henson explained, "and then my agent goes, 'Oh by the way, they want to know if you want to host the AMAs and I am like, 'What? Hell yeah, I want to get off this sofa and be glamorous and pretty.'"

"I studied musical theater, so any time I get to be on a live theater stage, that's how I look at it," she continued. "I know it is an award show for music but it is still a chance for me to show my different talents." Henson has also been outspoken about mental health as of late, and her AMAs hosting experience could benefit her as she prepares to host her own mental health talk show on Facebook!