• Taylor Swift's fans detect hidden messages
  • In her performance at Paris concert
  • She references one of her exes

As Swift belted out “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived,” rumored to be about Healy, fans couldn't help but notice her choreography's uncanny resemblance to Healy’s signature moves. Swift's march and salute during the bridge, a Healy staple, sent Swifties into detective mode, comparing the two artists' performances side by side. The similarities didn't end there, with fans pointing out matching “lighting” and “colors” between Swift's show and The 1975's concerts.

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Swift's subtle revenge: Decoding clues in Paris performance

The internet is abuzz, questioning if Swift's performance is the ultimate clapback at Healy, especially considering their brief romance last year following Swift’s split from Joe Alwyn. Despite their short-lived fling and Healy’s controversies, Swift seems to address the backlash in her song “But Daddy I Love Him,” performed for the first time that night.

While Swift and Healy first sparked rumors back in 2014, it wasn’t until last year that they officially dated, only to part ways after a month. Swifties are convinced that several tracks from 'The Tortured Poets Department' are nods to their fleeting romance, despite Healy's claim of not having listened to the album.

Moving on but not forgotten

Healy, reportedly uncomfortable with their relationship being spotlighted again through Swift’s music, has since moved on with model Gabbriette Bechtel. Swift, on her part, has been linked to Travis Kelce, marking new chapters for both artists.

As the saga unfolds, fans remain on the edge of their seats, piecing together Swift's lyrical puzzles and eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this pop culture narrative. With Swift's knack for storytelling, one thing's for sure - the drama is far from over.

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