• Taylor Swift's European tour kicks off in Paris
  • She changes the Eras Tour setlist
  • She adds new album songs

Taylor Swift, the queen of reinvention, kicked off her updated Eras Tour in a white gown reminiscent of her 2024 Grammys look, signaling the start of a new chapter. Opening with "But Daddy I Love Him" from her latest album, Swift introduced fans to "Female Rage: The Musical," a show packed with costume changes, new tracks, and revamped eras.

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Setlist shake-up

Gone are the days of a predictable setlist. Swift mixed things up, merging Folklore and Evermore into "Folk-more," and surprising fans by cutting beloved tracks to make room for new anthems. Despite the cuts, Swift ensured the tour remained a celebration of her musical journey, from "Lover" to "Midnights," with a special nod to "'The Tortured Poets Department.'

Wardrobe wonders

Swift's fashion was as dynamic as her setlist. From a crystal-embellished Versace bodysuit to a slogan tee that left fans puzzled, Swift's wardrobe changes were a spectacle in themselves. Each era brought a new look, with the 'TTPD' era showcasing a white gown adorned with album lyrics, proving once again that Swift's attention to detail knows no bounds.

The Eras Tour wasn't just about the music; it was a visual and emotional journey. Swift's performances, from the jazzy "I Can Do It With A Broken Heart" to the theatrical "The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived," were masterclasses in storytelling. Moreover, the inclusion of surprise songs like "Paris" from 'Midnights' and "loml" from 'TTPD' kept fans on their toes.

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Swifties, get ready to relive the magic. The Paris show was recorded, hinting at a potential streaming release. This move ensures that the revamped Eras Tour will reach Swift fans across the globe, immortalizing this new chapter in Swift's storied career.