Terry Crews under fire again!

Terry Crews visits BuzzFeed's "AM To DM"

Terry Crews hasn't always said things that were widely popular with his fans, and on Tuesday, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star was once again under fire for some controversial Black Lives Matter comments.

The tweet in question this time read, "We must ensure that #blacklivesmatter doesn't morph into #blacklivesbetter."

Crews was then immediately hit with some backlash by his followers, and those that support the movement.


"Another sleepless night thinking about #ElijahMcClain and I woke up worrying about how to prevent my sweet special son from meeting a similar fate and you woke up worried about *checks tweet again*... #blacklivesBETTER?? We are aiming for equal!" one user wrote.

Bernice King, daughter of the civil rights icon, Martin Luther King Jr., responded to Crews as well.

"We’re so far from that bridge, Terry," the Tweet read. 

"Black Lives Matter is, in part, a rallying cry and a protest slogan to galvanize people into doing the justice work needed to derail the deaths, dehumanization, and destruction of Black lives that racism causes. Justice is not a competition," she continued.

Comedian Amanda Seales also weighed in on the actor's comments, calling them "irresponsible" and "ignorant".

"This is unintellectual and irresponsible. You are developing into an enemy of the people. Ignorance will be your downfall," she wrote.

Earlier this month, Crews came under fire for claiming Black supremacy was a legitimate concern. Fans are calling for Crews to understand where they're coming from, and stop portraying the movement as anything other than positive justice reform