• Celebrities live lives that are often removed from the general public
  • Every so often, a famous face has a hair-raising encounter with a civilian
  • These celebs were in the right place at the right time

Let's start with one of the most badass heroes in the history of American television. Actor Mark Harmon is best known from playing "Gibbs" in NCIS. But Mark Harmon once saved a teenager's life in the mid-1990s. The actor star saw a young man trapped in a burning car and actor did not hesitate. He smashed a window of the vehicle with a sledgehammer!

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He then pulled the teenager out before the car completely burst into flames. And so, Harmon doesn't just play an action hero on TV,  it turns out he's one in real life as well. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Harmon opened up about his brave act: "I have never felt more comfortable doing anything in my life and there is no explanation for it".

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