• Jay Leno has a surprising opinion on "the slap"
  • He actually wants to talk about the yelling
  • Will Smith slapped and yelled at Chris Rock

OK — so we're not done talking about "the slap" quite yet. This time, it's Jay Leno chiming in with his opinion.

Leno, 71, finally reacted to the infamous Will Smith-Chris Rock moment from the Oscars. But he wants to talk about a different part of "the slap." For him, the slap itself was not "the most disturbing" thing.

Jay Leno on the Will Smith slap at the Oscars

Jay Leno has spent countless hours on stage, so his opinion is interesting. He explained: "To me, the thing that's most disturbing wasn't the slap, because he was kind of smirking after he slapped (Rock)."

Rather, Leno added: "It was the yelling of the obscenities. Then you go, 'Whoa. What's going on here?' This is real anger."

You'll recall that people initially thought the confrontation was planned, but it looks like Will Smith's outburst from his seat convinced Leno moments later — and bothered him the most.

Despite his view on the incident, Jay Leno said he believes Will Smith is a "good guy." His comments came in an interview this week with Palm Beach Daily News.

And Jay Leno is just the latest star to weigh in on "the slap." Of course, the incident has been talked to death since it happened three weeks ago.

Also interesting:

Oscars legend Billy Crystal recently called it a "most disturbing incident." Meanwhile, Jim Carrey was "sickened" by the standing ovations in the aftermath. But Jay Leno for a change focused on Smith's outburst from his seat.

Will Smith, who won Best Actor on the night, resigned from the Academy afterward and was banned from the award show for 10 years.