Actors Signing Onto New Scripted Tiger King Series

There's no denying that Raising Arizona's Nicolas Cage is PERFECT for the role of crazy Joe Exotic in the recently announced CBS TV Studios series. It's possibly the role he was born to play. Now who would be great for alleged murderer/Big Cat Sanctuary owner Carole Baskin? SNL's Kate McKinnon is already involved in the production of Wondery's Tiger King series and will play the role and now Tara Reid is interested in the CBS version!

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The Sharknado star is no stranger to wild roles. The drop-dead gorgeous Tara Reid takes on every silly role and has fun with it. She told Us Weekly "I would love to play this character. It'd be amazing."

Tara Reid On Playing Carole Baskin

The American Pie star dished "we're definitely in major conversations and working out the things, the offers and that and that so, let's see what happens!" Tara even admitted if she doesn't land the role she would still want to meet Carole: "I would definitely want to spend a week with her, not to ask her anything, to see how she eats, s****, see how she plays, see if she talks to people."

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Tara is sure she could do a great job with the role when she said "I think she is a complex character and I know I'd nail it." The 5th Borough star has all the same questions we do. "Did she kill her husband? Did the tiger eat him? There's so much stuff up in the air."

Finger's crossed Tara takes on Big Cat Rescue's Carole Baskin!