Travis Scott was the headliner of the show, and Drake made a surprise appearance in the middle of his set. Following the concert, the two were reportedly partying at a Dave & Buster's. The news of what had happened during the show allegedly reached the ears of the performers once they were already at the after party, which was supposedly brought to a halt once the news was broken.

Scott immediately issued a video statement on social media expressing his condolences, but after many videos surfaced from fans within the show pleading for the performance to stop after people began rushing the stage, crushing some fans, an official lawsuit has been filed against the performers for punitive damages.

Travis Scott, Drake, Sued For $750M

Travis Scott, Drake, Sued For $750M

Before the show even began, Scott was already hyping up the crowd inciting them to "rage on" and claiming that he would be "letting in the wild ones" on his social media. And the video evidence suggests that Scott was aware of what was happening to fans during his performance but refused to stop.

And so, a motion was filed this week where Houston attorney Toney Buzbee is reportedly representing 125 fans seeking $750M in damages against Scott, Drake, Apple, and Live Nation and other concert organizers.

The astronomical $750 million is reportedly set to cover the "physical and mental health injuries as well as the loss of life." Meanwhile, Scott's attorney told TMZ that he has not left his home since the tragedy and has been reaching out to the families affected by this fatal event.

Experts believe this kind of high-profile case is bound to end up in court, and so it looks like this story is here to stay!

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