• Countess Sophie has a remarkable talent
  • Sophie helps plant trees for Queen's Jubilee
  • The royal gives schoolchildren a special gift

Countess Sophie can do something that's considered to be fairly unusual! As Hello! shares, Sophie was outside at Buckingham Palace with a group of young people when she casually mentioned an interesting fact that has to do with her dexterity.

Countess Sophie refers to herself as "ambidextrous"

Countess Sophie was planting a tree with students as part of an event for the queen's Platinum Jubilee, which is when she mentioned her special talent. "I'm left-handed. Well, I’m ambidextrous which means I can do things with both hands," Sophie said. She called the tree "the best-planted tree here," and had the kids guess how many were planted! 

A year four schoolchild from Grange Park Primary School receives a commemorative Jubilee fifty pence coin from Sophie, Countess of Wessex on March 31, 2022.

That wasn't the only fun activity the royal took part in with the children that day either! She also brought them inside the palace's Bow Room where she handed out commemorative Jubilee coins, celebrating 70 years of the queen being on the throne. Sophie called the tokens "something really, really special to mark your special qualifications," as the students are working to learn forestry skills.

Also interesting:

Sophie's ambidexterity certainly came as a surprise to royal fans! And while we now know that Sophie is capable of using both hands to perform various tasks, her predominant use of her left one aligns her with royals such as Prince William, his son Prince George, and Queen Victoria.