• Owen Wilson is an American icon
  • He just turned 55 years old
  • THESE are some facts about Owen you may not know

Owen Cunningham Wilson  turns 55 years old today. Although he has a lot of fans out there, not many know these tidbits about him. Here are five fun facts about the actor. 1. His signature crooked nose came from two accidents in high school and college. Can you picture him with a different nose at this point in his career?

Owen is an American treasure

2. Wilson walked in Paris Fashion Week in 2015. He did with Ben Stiller as part of the promotion for the film 'Zoolander 2' where Owen plays one of his most iconic roles.

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Owen Wilson Lands Major Role In Disney+ Marvel Series 'Loki'

3. He is passionate about writing and has always had an affinity for studying the classics. It's possible Owen might write a biopic about his time in the spotlight some day...

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