• Kristin Davis posts no-makeup selfie
  • After having her fillers dissolved
  • She stuns with her natural beauty

Kristin Davis, at 59, is turning heads and breaking the internet with her latest Instagram post. The 'Deadly Illusions' star and Colorado native, known for her role as "Charlotte York Goldenblatt," looked radiant as ever, flaunting her natural beauty and wavy locks, courtesy of stylist Rebekah Forecast. But it's not just her looks that have the fans talking; Davis's candidness about her beauty regimen and the decision to dissolve her fillers after relentless ridicule is sparking conversations about aging gracefully in Hollywood.

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Embracing natural beauty: A bold move

"You can't not age," Davis shared with Entertainment Tonight, highlighting the pressures of Hollywood's beauty standards. The decision to let go of fillers and Botox was not easy, especially after facing online harassment. Yet, Davis's resilience shines through as she opens up about the challenges of self-acceptance in a critical world. "I have shed tears about it," she admits, stressing the undue blame placed on celebrities for cosmetic procedures gone awry.


'And Just Like That': The buzz is back

Adding to the excitement, Davis dropped tantalizing hints about the return of 'And Just Like That,' sharing script snapshots and behind-the-scenes moments. With the third season on the horizon, fans are eager to see what's in store for their favorite New Yorkers. The show's renewal and the promise of new stories have sparked anticipation, especially with the return of iconic characters and the introduction of fresh faces.

The revival has not been without its controversies, particularly regarding the absence of Kim Cattrall's "Samantha Jones" and the divisive character of "Che Diaz." Yet, the show's creators are undeterred, promising engaging stories and dynamic friendships. As rumors swirl about cast changes and surprise cameos, all eyes are on what season three will bring.

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