• Chrissy Teigen is visiting London
  • She shares sexy photos on Instagram
  • Teigen really shows off her long legs

Chrissy Teigen is looking more gorgeous than ever these days! The star is currently overseas, and she took to Instagram on Monday with some sexy new pictures that are really making fans' jaws drop!

Teigen flaunts her figure on London street

Teigen can be seen with her husband John Legend in the first photo, standing outside on a street in London. But while Legend's attention is fully on his wife, Teigen turns her focus to the camera. The beautiful star looks just like a model as she looks over her shoulder, wearing a black gown that looks incredibly flattering on her.

Thanks to a wide slit down the side, Teigen's incredible legs have really been put on display here. The star, who is 5'9, looks even more statuesque thanks to the high heels she wears. Her figure is certainly enviable, and her many adoring fans on social media can't get enough of the stunning look, commenting on how incredible she looks!

Also interesting:

Teigen also shared another photo of her posing alone, which is nearly identical to the first image. "I thought second photo you just cropped John out and that would’ve been gold," a fan commented. While it's not yet known what she and Legend, who recently celebrated their son Miles' 4th birthday, are doing in London, hopefully we see even more hot looks from her trip!