• Leni Klum is the face of the new Michael Kors collection
  • The 18-year-old attends the launch party in London
  • Leni dresses to impress with brand's denim outfit

Leni Klum sure looks stylish in denim! The young model appeared at the launch of the new Michael Kors collection, which she is the face of, wearing a jean jumpsuit.

Leni Klum impresses in trendy denim jumpsuit

Leni Klum combined her denim look with a chic designer bag and cream-coloured high heels. With simple makeup and her hair worn loose, she shows that she has a real talent for styling and fashion. She certainly gets this from her mother Heidi Klum, who always impresses with great looks.

In an Instagram post about the event, she revealed that her entire outfit was designed by Michael Kors! Leni, who celebrated her 18th birthday the same day, was also invited to a dinner as a guest, which proves that she has finally arrived in the fashion world. 

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Fashion definitely plays a big role for the Klum family! The mother and daughter continue to show off their amazing style again and again whenever they are photographed, either together or separately. Leni and Heidi have even done a joint photoshoot together!