• Zara McDermott shares amazing outfit pics
  • McDermott reflects on Love In The Flesh
  • The host previously shared another Grecian look

Zara McDermott continues to wow fans with her amazing style as Love In The Flesh wraps up! On Tuesday, the show's host shared some new photos on Instagram in a tiny white dress, and it might be one of her most stunning looks yet!

McDermott calls Love In The Flesh "so incredible"

McDermott posted a number of images of her wearing a white minidress with long flowing sleeves. Because of how short it is and the way it's tied up in the front, accentuated by a gold circular belt, the outfit resembles a sexy bathrobe! Her look shows off some cleavage as well as her tanned skin and gorgeous long legs.

Pairing the look with some thigh-high boots and serious bling, she looks incredible. "styling sessions vs the real thing," McDermott said in her post, explaining why some of the photos appear more posed. She also took the time to reflect on the experience of hosting Love In The Flesh, which she called "so incredible," admitting that her simultaneous happiness and sadness about it makes her feel like crying.

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McDermott's new reality dating show has certainly drawn attention, both for its unique premise and the sensational looks she appears in. Last week, she shared some of her hottest outfits from the show's first series. Prior to that, she posted pics of her looking radiant in another stunning white outfit in Greece, which featured a crop top and long flowing skirt.